Sunday, November 28, 2010

Golden Hills Hobby Farm

You are visiting a small hobby farm in the Rawdon Hills of Nova Scotia, Canada.  We keep a few hens from a layer flock and support a feral cat colony.  We are building a flock of Australorps, and we have had the good luck to include a mated pair from Hidden Meadow Farm.  Six pullets were brought home in late June and we hope they will become a small layer flock with some opportunities for breeding.   We also maintain the strip of land at the base of our sloped property as a safe haven for wildlife, including white-tailed deer. 

Darwin,  Australorp from Hidden Meadow Farm;
His first day with a new harem.  April 24, 2011

Balsam, a silver tabby.

This land is in the central part of the province and is at elevation.  When it gets wet as it often does in Nova Scotia, it's good to live on a hill.  We're on a connecting highway between the 101 and 102 major roads in the province. 

From early November 2010 until the end of the year we have experienced numerous and severe rain and snow storms.  The following spring has been exceptionally wet, and we did not plant seeds intil June 23, 2011.  We started a few transplants in pots but the lack of sunshine has slowed them, too.

View at dawn on the first day of spring, 2011



  1. Hi Lyn,just saw you on down the Lane,so i thought i would just have a look at your Blog,lovely photo's!!i live in Adelaide,Australia,i will keep having a look now,take care!!

  2. Hi Lynn. Like Carol I'm visiting via DTL. I do love finding a new blog to read. Looking forward to a little wander around your world!

  3. I love Down the Lane- possibly the friendliest and useful website devoted to sustainability and animal care.